February 16, 2019

Forest In The Spring

Landscape photography taken in the country side of Marmara region in country Turkey.

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Taken with my dinky Nikon D3100 and full plastic 18-55 lens. VR off and handheld (because I'm so cool) - F/5.6 + ISO 400 (I never change ISO like there's film in it) with aperture priority (my favorite setting ever).

This place is kinda near where I live and there are some family relatives living nearby too. So they offered a ride in Sunday and I said yes since we will be in nature but the road was extremely winding and bendy and driver was so terrible, I ended up with queasiness + headache and I was wobble around like a drunk while walking so I hardly enjoyed the peace of nature. In addition there are lot of loud campers which made the environment felt like the town center.

I tried to pass all those strange obstacles and tried to reflect the peace and the beauty of mother nature anyway. I hope the picture is not as boring as I am. I hope you enjoy & thanks for looking!


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