Myths And Legends

El Dorado
On David Arkenstone's Myths and Legends DVD I worked for 4 videos. For the El Dorado video I created over 30 3D digital illustrations. And separated them to layers for animating and compositing. That was amazing for me to work with my all time favorite musician and my idol. Also I had a chance to work with Hollywood visual fx specialist Johnny Wilson on this project. He gave life to my images with his incredible skills.

Song Of Sheherazade
For the Song Of Sheherazade video I modeled fairy palace with some small village houses around. There's an actual actress and a hamber on the green area of the window I left empty for compositing. Chamber sequence made by Johnny Wilson and it's an actual, real world set. It's also very amazing for me to seeing an actor & actress in a digital set we made.

For the Oceanus video I modelled a panoramic underwater scene.Separately rendered with same lighting and atmosphere conditions - composited in Photoshop. Camera pan and zoom around the image. Animated by Johnny Wilson. These are still images from the middle of the video.

Temple Of Isis
For the Temple Of Isis video I modeled a Temple, a character and a panorama scene with statues. Architectural formation and textures of the temple created with the guidance of Art History books. This was my very first night interior scene. I've done with many tests with lights. There are both blue, orange and grey point lights with different instense and fall off options to create a nice night ambience. Most of the textures of the character and statues were painted by me on post work.


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