September 10, 2017

Nikon's Nikkor 35 - 70 F/3.3 - 4.5 Lens

Today my father suggested me to use the lens on my film camera on my digital body and said it could be nostalgic... This gave me an idea of actually shooting everything in black and white.

And this is one of the results.

Lens is Nikkor 35-70 F/3.3-4.5 which is the cheap version of the lens. The sophisticated version was the f/2.8 one back then. My lens came with analog Nikon F601 body.

For some reason this vintage lens is different than modern Nikkor 18-55 which is the popular kit lens today. The old Nikkor 35-70 F/3.3-4.5 has chromatic abomination and barrel distortion and also not so fast on focus since its a screw driven AF lens.

However the structure of lens gives interesting result while shooting black and white - way more different than modern lenses. Perhaps its designed that way considering photographers using black and white films.

But every disadvantage of the lens turns into an advantage when you shoot black and white with it. Depth, detail, sharpness, micro contrast shows themselves very well in black and white.

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