July 24, 2016

Stay Away From The Photographers

Stay away from the photographers who removing your wrinkles and smooth your skin. There's nothing wrong with you -- therefore nothing to "fix" -- Lines on your face means that you are living. Each and everyone of them symbolizes an experience. All the lines and marks on your face and your body are your tiger stripes you earned. Don't let anyone erase them.

Stay away from the people who trying to make you feel ashamed because of your age. Since they are ignorant and superficial -- and they have nothing to offer in a friendship. Everyone will pass through the same numbers that people call "age" and their attitude and experiences will be different. People who underestimate others because of a certain number will not be in a good condition when their time comes.

You will be as good as the major thoughts that dominating your mind.

These are my thoughts and my mental attitude.


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