May 7, 2016

My Metropolis Allover

After musician Gary Mitchell connected me through my twitter I decided - for the first time - to reverse search this particular Metropolis work of mine. Mitchell gave me a link to my own image that is used as a cover photo on a ComicVine profile and asked my permission to use it on his music video. I said I'd be okay with it if he kindly give me credit and we had a deal on it.

Meanwhile on my reverse image search I discovered that this image of mine used in SO many Superman related blogs I couldn't believe it. Every discussion on the forums about related comics, blog articles about movie adaptations from classics to most recent ones, games to fan-fiction stories - whenever anyone need to picture Metropolis they posted my image. It is very much flattering. And what I truly appreciated about all this is everyone who used this work of mine on their blogs, forum posts and articles DIDN'T cropped out my signature - they respectfully kept it.

This is especially means lot to me because I've struggled for a almost week lately with Turkish groups on Facebook which are simply downloaded my images from a local photography group, cropped out my signature and shared them like they are their own. For years I fought thieves in certain art sites (mostly in DeviantArt) using my work like their own without permission which is another story. But as far as I've seen the comic communities certainly have respect to labor of love - more than people in my country, more than the people on art communities which is something to think about when choosing the audience that you going to share your work with.


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