September 27, 2015

Why I'm Going To Stop Using Facebook

Recently I had an incident in Facebook and found out some Turkish amateur tourism pages shared my photography with cutting out my signature. I sent a copyright violation form to Facebook also asked the page owners to remove my work. I had a tasteless argument with one of them. The other one was a bit more polite and added my name to one of my photos that they uploaded to their page without my permission. The other two or four still there with my signature cropped out.

I also found out that they grabbed my images from my Tumblr portfolio page. For a while I had an inner voice that says the Tumblr is not safe and I should close it down. But I didn't listen and kept a nice portfolio there. As the result they ripped off, posted to Facebook pages without my permission with my signature cropped out. This is how they appreciate the labor of love in my country. First they ignore you and then they stole your work. So as a result I terminated my Tumblr page immediately. Just like I did before with 500px, Flickr, Redbubble, Deviantart and Pinterest - which I even forgot that it exists in the first place. Currently I only have Instagram... for now.

Another thing is usefulness and reaching out to right people. On Facebook my best post reach 350+ people while there are 1300+ people liked my page. And I don't believe this worth to spend time there anymore.

My main base is my Blog and my Google Plus account which has some wonderful photography groups that I share my work with pleasure. And I'm planning to keep it that way.


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