August 28, 2015

Gear Whores In Turkish Photography Forums

A photographer I’m following on youtube once said that there are gear whores out there who can’t show a single work they done but they keep talking about how good their expensive gear is.

This is exactly what’s happening in Turkish photography forums. There are two of them dedicated to the two big and well known brand. I joined those to get some information about the good equipment dealers for the future reference in case of buying new lenses or a new camera body. While this information is limited - forums filled with fan boys and gear whores that only able to talk about how better the F/1.4 than F/1.8 is and how awesome x brand’s 85mm is etc. Meanwhile they don’t have a single good work to show on their portfolio. They all purchased the most expensive stuff like morons and their photography looks the same with average cell phone shots.

I always avoided Turkish forums since 2004. Either on 3D and digital art. Now I’ll do the same for photography. Bunch of wise ass who talks like they are art professors & master photographers and everything they say should be taken like a law without discussion.

I wonder if these morons aware that there are photographers like Don McCullin and Jay Maisel out there who are down to earth and modest but doing such a groundbreaking work. And late masters like Ansel Adams and Ernst Haas who changed the world with their photography and their philosophy on the art of photography. I don’t think they aware…

I think ignorance is the only curse in this world.


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