May 19, 2015

Pixel Peeping On Photography

I’m recently hearing this from all kinds of photographer friends who making videos and writing reviews about photography gear that we shouldn’t pixel peep. That we shouldn’t care about the image sharpness and we should focus on composition and photography itself. I’m supporting that idea too - keeping the thoughts about the equipment away from the mind and thinking only about the photography itself. 

However we photographers are not the people who pixel peep all the time. It is the agencies we are working with… Either stock agencies or individual clients - people who requesting photos from photographers are care about sharpness and they are the ones who pixel peep. 

So just saying that sharpness of a camera body or a lens is not important doesn’t make it less important. I couldn’t do stock photography work with my lovely Fujifilm S200EXR. I was shooting wonderful images with it - its colors and dynamic range was awesome but because of the small sensor its compression of pixels was too much for a quality stock image. I was only able to start doing stock photography with a dSLR camera and a prime lens. 

Even though I’d like the idea of forgetting about the equipment, not worrying about the gear etc. I have to consider the optimal lens and body combination to create sharp and quality images in order to continue to produce useful stock images. 


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