September 10, 2014

Some Personal Experience With Nikon D90 - 50mm Lens And Lightroom

My humble Nikon D90 's RAW images are pretty juicy. There's enough data to recover a relatively dark image with using Shadows and Blacks sliders on Lightroom almost without a noise/grain issue. One other thing is images turning out vivid and bright with +1 EV and F/2.8 aperture value using my also humble 50mm lens . And I have note that I always shoot on Manual mode with Vivid color setting and inside of this setting +1 saturation and +1 sharpness.

Another thing I've come up with using Ligthroom is when you import RAW images from your Nikon camera images first show up vivid and bright and then they appear dull and less colorful. All you need to do is go to the Camera Calibration section change Profile to Camera Vivid. That's all... Images will look exactly like you saw on the LCD while you shooting.

My experience with NikonD90 and 50mm F/1.8 is when you do things correctly, when the light is there and settings are fine for shooting that subject - then you only need to use couple of sliders on Lightroom to make everything look great later and not so much work to save the photo. When you know what you are doing which comes from lots of try and fail, experience and experimenting - it saves you from a lot of post work and make photos look more vivid, sharp and professional.


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