January 29, 2014

Inspired By The Music Of David Arkenstone

These are my 2.5D artwork I've done in 2005 and 2006 - they are heavily inspired by the wonderful music of David Arkenstone.

"Alkemya's whispers dance in pale gray with echoes of visions of cold forgotten lands. The gathering clouds sing to the stars and the hills speak of a magic time..."

Tools Used: Vue D'esprit | Poser | Photoshop

Description: This scene was on my mind for a long time. But I was not exactly sure what I have to do for sky. Clouds are Photoshop work and placed it to the Vue scene as an alpha plane with very high lumious. Three different ecosystems used on Vue D'esprit for creating the landscape. Figure posed in Poser. It was a non-stop work and final render took 6.5 hours on 3000x4500 pixels.

Tools Used: Vue D'esprit for creating the scene, Photoshop for painting

Description: After setting up the lights and plants I rendered the scene and took it to the Photoshop. I painted the sky, swans and some also additional plants. Re-touched the rock textures. I tried to capture the oil-painting look.

Tools Used: Vue D'esprit 4

Description: After started to use Vue 4 Pro and Vue 5 Esprit for my creations, I decided to use good-old Vue D'esprit 4 once again for the memory of my good days past with it. Shortest render time I ever had - 1 hour. Plants on foreground are from Vue library with their own textures. Trees on background are created with using Alpha Planes (so its not eco-system). Standard atmosphere with addiotional lights.


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