November 16, 2013

Digital Tutors Talks About Beign Jack Of All Trades

Digital Tutors published this article about how an artist should be a jack-of-all-trades. In Turkey there is no such thing as VFX - there are couple people using 3ds Max. But there's always a market for WEB programming; you can find thousands of ads looking for a one person to do graphic design for print, web design and all kinds of PHP etc. programming while 3ds Max and Vray knowledge is a "must" in case that cheap employers need some 3D work besides everything that 1 person suppose to do.

Here in Turkey we always make fun of that concept of hiring 1 person to do everything from design to 3d, to make some tea and cleaning if necessary - and now I'm seeing something similar on the blog of a training center. How sad is that...

Too bad that slavery mentality taking over the world combined with the low-budget mentality. One person to do the work of a team... And of course that might work for organizations who selling training for living. I think that is also the purpose of this unfortunate article.


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