October 11, 2012

Never Knew There Is Such Thing As Fake Interview

Here is a funny thing happened lately: A person contacted and insisted to have an interview with me about my 3D work and photography. On early interviews, people always send me questions and I answer and send them back. However this person wanted it like an e-mail correspondence... Well, it's bothered me deep inside for some reason, call it a hunch but I said okay anyway. It started, questions came and I replied and replied. And the person who holding the interview especially asked a lot of questions about one particular work. Then some point interview "ended" and person vanished. Earlier told me that they will contact me when interview published but never got a message. And never got any return to my e-mail about asking what happened also.

This is weird. What you guys think it could be? Why someone fake an interview? I tried to think about it positively about what it could be. I hope that person is okay though - nothing unfortunate happened to them. But asking a lot of questions and disappearing is simply weird.

Perhaps I should wake up just like I did about "job offers"... I stopped replying so called "job offers" popping out from nowhere from a person with just a gmail or yahoo e-mail address and no other record on the internet. These always turned out fake with full of empty promises. Now I only reply companies or e-mails related with a dot com address. I need to see a reliable connection with somewhere, unless I'm ignoring it. I should do this to "interview offers" too.

Thanks for your time to read :)

-- K.


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