November 5, 2011

3ds Max & Poly Modeling

My current job requires modeling done with 3ds Max so finally - actually it was a must - made my decision about main software and moved to Max. After years love and hate relationship with Cinema 4D, Maya and Modo it's really a big decision. But it's better being undecided. And right now while working with it I started to love its efficient and stable polygon modeling tools. There are many reasons of course that many artists and studios using 3ds max but I'm sure the efficient and fast modeling workflow is one of them. So its well wroth spending time with it...

I still have couple of projects to finish with C4D. Dropped personal projects with Maya totally. And purchased training material for Max. I'm still using my old version of Max I adopted years ago - but planing to update it too. But first I have to decide which package I'm gonna need Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite looks really cool. Not sure about Mudbox over Zbrush - I'm not a big fan of both so I'm totally neutral about it. I'v heard Mudbox is better for production work and Zbrush is an artist tool - but also Mudbox requires a fine computer. Planning to purchase one also after completed my projects.

I think that's it for now...


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