September 16, 2011

Prometheus (The Alien Prequel)

I think we are in the era of screwed up prequels. Most of my friends on foundation3d forum thinking the same - Hollywood making prequels, re-shooting classics like Superman and screwing them up (look look Superman has a child!) Among all those nonsense my friends on foundation3d forum have nice expectations about Prometheus (The Alien Prequel). I don't write about movies much. I'm not a film critique - I don't want to be because being an awesome film critique is far worse than being a mediocre film director. At least Director doing his/her best to create a form of art. What a film critique doing except gabbing out the things they have no idea how to do?

Well anyway, here you can visit the foundation forum and read what my friends there know and think about that promising prequel.

As a recently watched movie; Super 8 were made me happy, little ones acted so great and even they accomplished telling the "Angry-ET-Wants-To-Go-Home" story very well. Story telling and acting, framing and lighting, set dressing and design is actually way more important than 3D VFX. I personally never enjoy watching movies like Sucker Punch which is not a movie but a video game.


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