January 16, 2011

Important Announcement About My Services

Due to the limited hardware power I have to drop rendering high resolution illustrations until I have enough budget to upgrade my computers.

Till today I was creating 3D elements in one of my primary computer and rendering them in my secondary computer - while it's rendering the 4k-5k images I keep working, doing designs, 3D modeling and other work on my main PC. I had to do it this way because clients are ALWAYS in hurry and never wait. If you make them wait too much they get bored and find another designer.

My secondary PC having hard disk issues. It's a single core AMD Athlon 3700+ means that her time passed and hardware fits to her can't be found on the market anymore except bargain. Currently I have zero budget. And not afford any updates or fixes. If something happens to the primary PC too, I might drop working as "freelance 3D artist" completely and look for a regular job with salary.

I endured till today but I realized I have to give up on some of my services in order to continue work on 3D, graphic design and photography. Meaning that I can not create pretty 3D images and illustrations at print size anymore because I simply cannot afford loosing time with waiting 3 or 10 days for rendering one image. I need a computer to work fast and waiting for long renders is not an option anymore.

That's why I'm limiting my services. Now here's what I can do for you:

- 3D Modeling: I can provide hard surface models of any kind. Architectural of any kind like temple, urban, science fiction or realistic environments. Vehicles of any kind. Props of any kind like weapons, shields, swords etc. Models can be textured of course. But do not expect extremely polished renders and none of my renders can be larger than 1920x1080 because I'd only render to showing the model. Vast natural environments are not an option until a second announce.

- Poster Design: I can design any kind of promo posters.

- Web Design: I can design nice interfaces and add them content with HTML. Flash is not at option.

- Photography: If you like to have nice scenery, close up, urban skyline etc. for your covers, posters, or web site - I can go out and photograph them. Besides that you can contact me for any kind of photography work. But remember I have zero budget to travel.

Software I'm dropping to use:

Unfortunately I can not afford using software I've used to create my current artwork on my portfolio and on my showreel 2010. So I have to drop using

- Cinema 4D
- Modo
- Vue Infinite
- Poser
- Xfrog
- Particle Illusions
- Maxwell Studio / Maxwell Render

Software I'm using to create 3D Models:

Keeping up working with following software packages which supported by an office I've used to work with.

- Maya
- Zbrush
- After Effects (know it only enough to survive like compositing multipass renders - I'm not Andrew Kramer on it)

For design work I am using:

- Photoshop
- Dreamweaver
- Indesign | Illustrator (know them only enough to survive)

I hope I cleared up the point and issue. Please contact me considering this. Thank you.


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