November 11, 2010

Blacklisted Clients

Blacklisted Clients
For the sake of the new-coming artists and designers out there I feel that I should let you know about two shameless clients who let you work and never pay at all. Also if they had chance to use your work without any payment they also never miss it.

1. A rap musician named XV. Contacted me with e-mail address and his real name was Donavan Johnson also known as Vizzy. My greatest fault and stupidity was trusting his word and sending final work without watermark and pixel size at 1000. I thought it will be printed out but it was an online sale album and he never mentioned that. He used the cover on his Planet Squaria album and never paid. Strongly recommend to stay away from that person.

2. Syed Usman. You can find him on dA also under the name hummingdog Using syedsyedusman @ as contact address. I've worked 7/24 for almost 3+ weeks for a job he took from Kingdom Of Dreams. After the hard work he told me that company didn't liked the image and used a crappy 2D version of the same design instead of my work. BEFORE that he was asked for 120dpi version of the image with layers opened to show the client the vertical version of the design. . . Unfortunately I trusted his word and send 120dpi image without watermark... You can figure out the rest.

Here is his linkedin profile:
And here's their company website:

Simply reject any freelance job offering and inquiries from them for your sake.

Don't do the mistakes I did. First, if it's an individual asking you to do a design let him/her know that you are working for companies with contract not for some random person on the internet. And if he/she really wants to hire you ask for an advance payment like %20-30 of the deal. NEVER send any final work. NEVER send anything larger than 800-900 pixels. ALWAYS send with watermark and make sure watermarks covering the entire image.


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