October 23, 2009

Piki's Love W.I.P.

That story came to my mind in this morning and I worked on the robot model whole day. That's a story between that small robot and a girl. As you can guess - it's a love story. I didn't draw any sketches for that one yet. Jumped to the modeling of the Robo directly. Now I'll draw one to clean things up about how the whole scene may look like.

Here is Piki 2000 with pose and materials on it. I have to import him to Vue from Cinema 4D to continue - because my Poser figure wasn't worked fine with all it's morphs. InterPoser Pro didn't worked fine with my copy of Victoria4 :(

This is Aliana. The girl Piki loves. It's Victoria 3 with some cool clothing and textures. Put together in Poser and Imported to Cinema 4D with Interposer Pro plugin. Hope she looks great on the environment with lots of lights around.

Bridge Model Kit: Something I've learned from Mr. Eric Hanson. Modeling a detailed one part and using it again and again with moving and rotating some major parts to create a rich feeling. On my case - I'll able to duplicate the part and rotate some objects to create a rich looking bridge environment for my characters.


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