July 17, 2009

Enchantment - Walktrough

Enchantment - has just been added to the Featured images on the title page of Cornucopia3D. I'm glad they enjoyed my image. You can see it on the front page of Cornucopia3d with rest of other stunning works...

Well I wanted to post some screen shots from work in progress level.

The idea of that scene in my mind for a very long time - 3 years perhaps. I was inspired from one of my ex girl friends. I wanted to be a hero for her to lift her to the stars... Well that never happened LOL Instead I created this image.

First I started to set up characters with using Poser. I have some DAZ stuff fits well to this composition. Many of you must know about these already and I'm sure you guys used these a lot too.

I was lucky about the hair - when I applied that pose to the girl figure, hair moved itself just as I wanted.

I exported figures when I'm happy with them. I'm using an export plug-in for Poser 7 to get all the necessary textures into one folder. I prefer to import them as OBJ to Vue - but Skin Vue Plugin is not working with OBJs of course. I enhanced the figures skin with it.

For the lighting - even with GI or GR I usually add a couple of fill, kicker and back lights. In that scene I've used just 2 fill lights and the main sun light as the key. I was happy with the results on preview renders.

After the final render at 4000pix - I took the image to Photoshop to make a cool sky background. I always render with Alpha Channel makes it very easy to interact with sky, or water. ect. Also sometimes I use layered renders too.

I started with color corrections, then added textures to the figure - because I thought they look a bit flat. Also started to add some sky elements like planets and birds. I decided to use only one planet. There's always must be a moon and birds on romantic scenes.

Also I started to add some gradient layers with different color combination to create more dramatic feeling. Also added highly blurred lens flare layers onto characters to emphasize the back and fill lights hitting on them.

When working on an image deciding to how the final will look is kinda hardest part for me. On that particular image it was kinda over saturated a bit on the final. I was undecided to cool it down or not - because I was also after a fairytale look. Then I decided to save out the image and look at it one day after.

Next day when I opened the image I was sure what to do. Duplicated the final image layer and turned it into black white with screen blending mode. Also played with levels and curves. I was happy with the final result - looked good on overall and also on plants.

Well that's all folks - glad you enjoy the process. Thanks for taking time to read.


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