July 28, 2009

CGTalk Secret Agent Entry - 3D Modeling Work

I'm still working on my entry for the Secret Agent Challenge on CGtalk.com. The final idea came to my mind a little late - I wish I could visualize that concept at first place.

My very first idea was about an inter galactic secret agent who chasing a woman who had some important information on her side. The second idea was a cool female agent with her cool car and her weapons. Third is - came a bit late - but the idea ı like most. Which is a funny looking Robot Agent listening to some other spies with his funny looking devices.

His name is Lambaliradyo. And I modeled him on Cinema 4D. When finished modeling I posed him with using standard move and rotate tools. Since it will be a still image rigging is not needed. Also I don't know how to rig LOL

Some of my friends can't believe that I modeled all of these by myself. I don't know how I look like from the outside but I'm able to model these kind of stuff - and I'm grateful about this.

When you have a character you need also a cool environment to place it. And also the opposite... When you have a cool environment you might need some figures to emphasize the composition. Anyway - it's forbidden to use Poser models on CG Talk Challenges and of course it's a good thing. On my entry of course I modeled all the elements by myself.

Finished the lighting and started texture mapping. I hope it will turn out something really cool and funny. Because it's enjoyable and fun working on it.


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