January 1, 2054

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January 18, 2019

My Concept Art For A New Discovery In Mythical Ireland

My concept artwork of the late Neolithic Henge discovered during the drought in July 2018 by Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland.

Very happy and proud to work with Mythical Ireland on visualization of this newly discovered majestic monument in Ireland. I was responsible on creating several concept art based on the discovery of Mr. Murphy that reveals the structure when it was there on its glorious days.

VISIT HERE to see the rest of my renderings - read the detailed article about the subject and our work and even screenshots from my work in progress.

January 5, 2019

Nature - Japanese Style Landscape

This is my take on Japanese style landscape. I have a long lasting love for everything Japan since I was a little kid but it mostly evolved around their ancient culture, traditional art and music rather than the high tech and anime.

This rendering simply reflecting my point of view to look at Japan's nature.

January 4, 2019

Asteroids In Gas Giant Planet's Orbit

3D rendering of epic space scene from the atmosphere of a gas giant planet with the view of asteroids on the move on its orbit with sun and other majestic planets in the background.

Available HERE In Shutterstock

January 3, 2019

Old Friends

This is among my personal favorites I think because I got it right (I had a bit of overexposure problem with that roll) and also a meaningful one with serious touch of nostalgia.

Taken in a small town that follows the rest of the world from nearly 10+ years behind which turned into an inside joke between me and my brother since we moved here.

And film photography of a spontaneous moment of this environment with an expired Kodak 200 Color Film adds a lot to its vintage mood - my camera is Nikon F601 with Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D which is currently has its aperture ring stuck. I hope you enjoy & thanks for looking.

#filmisnotdead  #shotonfilm #filmphotography

January 2, 2019

Another Earth

A personal daily render work I've done after seeing the great science fiction movie which was pretty deep and made me think about it lot after watching it. See details on my Artstation and my work available on Shutterstock.


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